How to use bobby pins

by Andy Tseng

Have you always wondered why your hair won’t hold up with bobby pins? 

Wedding hair bobby pins

Experienced fashion hairstylist Andy Tseng shares some of his useful tips and tricks on using the bobby pins for your wedding day, special events, or on regular daily life - 

1.) Hair powder. You want to ensure there is enough grip where you want the bobby pins to stay. If you have silky smooth hair, you probably have a hard time keeping the pins in your hair. The trick is to apply and gently rub some hair powder into the area. For extra hold,  tease (backcomb) the area by using a fine-tooth comb. 

2.) Criss-cross two bobby pins. After you secure the hair with one pin, take a second pin and open it wide enough to fit the first pin into it, and slide to create a  plus sign. The crisscrossing pins support each other to create extra hold and thus secure the style. 

Criss-cross bobby pins for wedding updos

3.) Wavy side down. Bobby-pins have two sides: one is smooth and the other is wavy. When placing the pins, make sure the wavy side is laid flat against the scalp for maximum security. Many people make the mistake of using it the opposite way. Also, bending the pins to create a similar curvature to your head shape (of where you are placing them) will allow the pins to grab the right amount of hair and lay close to your scalp. 

Bridal bobby pins descriptions

Lastly, invest in bobby pins that give you good tensions!

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