Scandinevian-French Style vs Bohemian Style

Hair by Andy Tseng

The big, soft, and loose hairstyle has definitely been the most sought-after look among brides and bridesmaids in the PNW region (Portland PDX, Seattle WA, Vancouver WA). There are many variations and each offers its own uniqueness.

Beginning with the Scandinavian-braid style, as the name suggests, it’s a spin-off of the traditional French braid. it’s typically a softer yet controlled braid from the top to bottom. Here are a few ways that I like to create this look-

1.) Combine multiple braids and wrap them into one. try this if you are looking to add some volume and depth to your braids!

2.) Create a simple braid in the center of the back - this will serve as your anchor point. then, pull in the remaining hair from top to bottom and loop the strands through the braid. This would give your the illusion of a wider look for your french braid.

3.) Start with a basic French braid or a Dutch braid with some twists and then pull out loosely to create the extra-soft feeling that you desire.

Portland Asian wedding hairstylist. Portland Asian wedding makeup artist.
Vancouver Asian wedding hairstylist. Vancouver Asian wedding makeup artist.
PDX Asian wedding hairstylist. Portland PDX wedding makeup artist.

If you are someone who prefers casual hairstyles but wants to add a special attraction, then the Bohemian style will give you the best of both worlds. To create the “messy” look, first of all, curl the hair in different directions and alternate between different two different sizes of curling irons. Then take some random or selected pieces of hair/braids/twists and combine them together. You can wear this look with half of the hair down. 

Occasionally, you will see a variation where mini-braids hide beneath the wavy hair.

Portland Asian bridal hairstylist. Portland Asian bridal makeup artist.

I often get asked by my clients for advice as to the best style to wear on their special day. As an Asian wedding hairstylist, my recommendations will vary, always after consultation with my clients and learning the look they desire, often time the hair extension would be suggested. There are also different external factors to consider depending on the location, such as the heat or humidity, and the strength of the wind. There are some determining factors in whether to do open hair or a secured up-do.

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