Julia’s Updo

By Andy Tseng

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article regarding Julia and Andres wedding at The Orchard in Hood River. It was an amazing wedding venue surrounded by gorgeous mountains and the smell of fruit trees. I would like to share the 9 steps process and products I used in order to create this dream hairstyle for Julia. 

Julia has fine individual hair strands but a lot of them, and her hair texture are smooth.

1.) Prepping her hair with Bumble&Bumble Prep Primer. It gives a nice gripping texture, but does not make the hair feel thicker, and sometimes could be harder to work with. Rough dry it with your hand to work the Prep into the hair with the help of the blowdryer heat.  

2.) Address the hairline. Because her natural parting is in the center, when switching the part, one side will be higher than the other due to the natural growth of the hair pattern. Using the GHD blowdryer, and a boar bristle round brush to redirect the root direction. 

3.) Giving it some refined textures by using the GHD Classic Curl 1 inch curling iron. Spray Keratin Thermal Protection Spray before using the heated iron, help maintain the moisture, and keep the shine.

4.) Create a small side braid. Section out about two finger widths of hairs from the hairline before starting the braid. Use the hair that’s left out to adjust the facial framing. Pin them up loosely at the very end of the process. 

5.) Start pinning the hair from the mid-back. Secure the hair with strong Grip Bobby pins, and create a strong base. 

6.) Pull both sides and the braid to the back, secure them in the center back of the head, and gradually pin them from top to the bottom. 

7.) Cut a small section out from the donut-bun-maker-mesh, place it at the mid-lower back where all the hair has gathered. Secure it with bobby pins.

8.) Divide the hair that is gathered on the back into two sections. Starting from the left side, twist and turn clockwise and wrap it the donut-bun-maker-mesh. Take the rest of the hair and wrap in counter-clock direction on top o the previous wrap to fully cover the donut-bun-maker-mesh. 

9.) Adjust the bun. For it to blend into the rest of the hairstyle, gently pull and loosen up the trends. Use Sexyhair Big Spray & Play hairspray to give extra hold, since it is a workable spray, it prevents the hair to look too stiff. 

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